Don’t press pause, press play.

Ventures Park reception

The lockdown for Nigeria was eased over two weeks ago with a phase 1 plan. Prior to that, we had continued to strategise on how we were going to resume operations at Ventures Park. Ventures Park is an artsy curated coworking community in Abuja which I am the CEO of…

And every good story needs the perfect villain.

Image source: Maleficent Movie

Earlier this year, one of the directors in our foundation was sent to work with me. I was to be his boss and he had to report certain deliverables to me. He dreaded it. You see, unknown to me, he had an image of some mean Cruella de Vil associated…

And here are 8 reasons why.

Image source: Unsplash

The year is 2020, a year that would forever be remembered as the year of social distancing and National Lock downs. Due to the growing pandemic, a lot of countries have sought drastic measures such as restricting movement and encouraging hand washing. This was absolutely necessary to curb the spread…

If you’re still operating with the plan you started 2020 with, this is your wake up call

Image source: Unsplash

Have you ever heard of “unforeseen risk” in business before? Well, we’re experiencing one right now, and we’re experiencing it together. No one started out 2020 with a plan for a pandemic response in their strategy. At least I didn’t. And if you did, I need to borrow the crystal…

Nkechi Oguchi

I’m a business strategist passionate about building great businesses in Africa that create prosperity. I am also the CEO of @theventurespark.

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