They say you have to be a little insane to venture into business anywhere in the world. This is even more true for doing business in Nigeria.

The success of the private sector should be a top priority for any government seeking to build a prosperous nation. Development and growth in the private sector lead to the creation of solutions, creation of jobs, generation of wealth, reduction in crime and a general improvement in the standard of living of citizens.

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A little bit about the ease of doing business

Doing Business(DB) analyses the regulations that encourage efficiency and freedom to conduct business in a country. The ease of doing…

Don’t press pause, press play.

Ventures Park reception

The lockdown for Nigeria was eased over two weeks ago with a phase 1 plan. Prior to that, we had continued to strategise on how we were going to resume operations at Ventures Park. Ventures Park is an artsy curated coworking community in Abuja which I am the CEO of. Being very community-centric and a hub for founders and innovators, our model was affected by the pandemic. But in all of this, our major concern was our community of entrepreneurs.

A majority of them are Startups that are still figuring things out. How do they survive a crisis that they…

And every good story needs the perfect villain.

Image source: Maleficent Movie

Earlier this year, one of the directors in our foundation was sent to work with me. I was to be his boss and he had to report certain deliverables to me. He dreaded it. You see, unknown to me, he had an image of some mean Cruella de Vil associated with me. Weeks into working with me his brain was confused. The image he had of me and the reality were quite different.

Yes, I am all business most of the time, but I am also quite approachable. He finally confessed about the struggle he had earlier and all the…

If you feel overwhelmed by the crisis, this is for you.

I have watched myself go from fear to panic to anxiety and now I’m at a “c’est sera sera” stage. I don’t know what that progression is called. But, the current crisis has definitely tested the limits of some of my emotions.

Last week, in particular, was a highlight for me. Somewhere between me feeling down and under the dumps and trying to research on “thriving through the pandemic” something amazing happened. I received a call from my mentor, Tayo. He sounded so upbeat, and I wondered what he knew that I didn’t. Maybe there was a new venture he…

Why go alone when you can go together?

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My father told me that humans are evil people. He was always quite dramatic. and he had a great distrust for everyone. This programmed me to be a lone wolf. You can’t disappoint me if I don’t give you the chance. I suffered years of failure because of this mindset. The worst part was, whenever I did an autopsy of a situation to understand where it went wrong, my inability to pull in the right support never came up. I had a blindside. I couldn’t see that the way I operated was failing me.

All this changed in two stages…

My top 9 predictions of what it’ll look like.

History would be bookmarked in the year 2020, as it would divide time into “Pre-COVID” and “Post COVID”. People would tell stories of how life was like before and after the pandemic. It’s just like having a “Pre” and “Post” iPhone era but bigger.

If you’ve still not come to the understanding of the reality of our changed world, consider this article your wake up call.

Life as we know it is forever changed. The extent of this change is yet to be determined.

Most of it would only be appreciated in hindsight. However, being a business strategist, a great…

And here are 8 reasons why.

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The year is 2020, a year that would forever be remembered as the year of social distancing and National Lock downs. Due to the growing pandemic, a lot of countries have sought drastic measures such as restricting movement and encouraging hand washing. This was absolutely necessary to curb the spread of the coronavirus. And as a result, a lot of people were tossed into remote working for the first time.

Remote working basically involves working out of non-traditional offices. Some people resort to working from home, a co-working space, a cafe, a Park bench, basically whatever suits you. It offers…

If you’re still operating with the plan you started 2020 with, this is your wake up call

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Have you ever heard of “unforeseen risk” in business before? Well, we’re experiencing one right now, and we’re experiencing it together. No one started out 2020 with a plan for a pandemic response in their strategy. At least I didn’t. And if you did, I need to borrow the crystal ball you’re using. Like everyone else I planned for growth. I knew it would require hard work and some favourable winds. But I was ready, at least I thought I was. And then, corona hit.

Like everyone in the beginning, I started out denying the magnitude of what it could…

So, you want to start a business? Congratulations!!! You have chosen a very interesting path. Despite the fact that growing a business is tough, a lot of people have done it quite successfully. You can do so too. An important thing to do before you start building a business is to conduct an evaluation that provides you with information that could improve your odds of success.

I have compiled a list of questions that is absolutely important for you to answer before you set off. …

You’re probably making at least one now

Being an entrepreneur is a scary journey that no one quite prepares you enough for. Even having an MBA doesn’t prepare you for all the twists and turns that come with it. Being an entrepreneur in Nigerian is even more challenging. Imagine being the dentist to one of Daenerys’ dragons. Now imagine being a dentist to one of Daenerys’ dragons and working in hell, that’s what being an entrepreneur in Nigeria is like.

You’ll face challenges from electricity to connectivity to policies and taxes that sucker punch you. Regardless of all these challenges, Nigerians are building formidable businesses that are…

I’m a business strategist passionate about building great businesses in Africa that create prosperity. I am also the CEO of @theventurespark.

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